Story of remarkable Mrs.Nimala Attgalle

Today we share a story of a remarkable lady, Mrs.Nimala Attgalle, Age 84

Her son, Lasitha Attygalle opens up about his mother who is an inspiration to him and his sister.

The first time she was diagnosed with any grave medical condition was when she was suddenly rushed to hospital for TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) which is a temporary blood clot. She suffered a mild stroke which resulted in slight memory loss and according to Lasitha, She became slower in her actions and thoughts than what she used to be.

Mrs. Attygalle quickly recovered through good care, regular medicine intake and currently lives with her daughter in Rajagiriya. According to Lasitha, she battled the effects of this stroke with grit and courage. She still does her gardening twice a day, follows the Rugby World Cup with her Son in Law and is highly opiniated, especially in politics!

Lasitha remembers his mother to have always been driven by positive energy. Even after the passing of Mr. Attygalle in 2012 (which was a few months before she suffered the stroke), she never had the help of a domestic. She would keep herself busy with all the household chores and enjoy watching sports with her son, all whilst being an active member of the Bishops College PPA and focusing on organizing fund raising projects side by side with Mrs. Wickramasinghe (Mother of former Prime Minister, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe).

When Mrs. Attygalle stepped down as president of The Senior Citizens Movement in Colombo few weeks back where she now serves in an advisory capacity, the only medicine she was taking was for Glaucoma. According to Lasitha, this is a hereditary trait which has been passed down to him and his sister as well.  Mrs. Attygalle is controlling her Glaucoma through regular eye medicine prescribed by Dr. Imaka Fonseka.

Due to his busy work schedule and being a dad to a beautiful 11 year old daughter, Lasitha believes in ordering medicines for his mum online. He has found that using Healthnet to order the required medicine is very convenient and the order process is extremely simple and user friendly. Once he uploads his prescriptions and indicates how regular he needs the medicines for, he would receive a call from Healthnet’s Customer Service team on a monthly basis to remind him about replenishing his order. Lasitha finds Healthnet’s customer care and Dispensing units to be very thorough, efficient and consistent with their service.

He has been a loyal customer of Healthnet since the company’s inception 3 years ago.

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