Friday 29th January 2021 at 7:00 pm

Quality of Life vs Medication Adherence Webinar

About this webinar

In the face of the current pandemic, many countries have had to make tough decisions in order to safeguard its people. Patients with chronic illnesses must follow strict adherence to medications in order to prevent the need to go to the hospital due to complications from your condition and protect yourself from COVID-19.In general, favorable therapeutic outcomes across many chronic illnesses could be achieved when optimal medication adherence levels are maintained.

As the pandemic continues, we should take extra measures and adapt to the current state of living conditions. It is now more than ever that we should take a stand to take care of ourselves and our health. 

In this regard, we have invited Dr. K D K Duminda Consultant Physician, to give you an opportunity to address any misconceptions or doubts you may have to improve your health by adhering to medication instructions. This will be an open forum.

Few of the questions that we have lined up are as follows, 

  • Why is medication adherence important?
  • What are the risks of breaking the routine for chronic diseases?
  • Does stress and anxiety have a impact on improving chronic diseases 
  • Can the quality of life be improved through medication adherence
  • What type of food must be avoided for a better health
  • What are the symptoms of worsen chronic diseases


Dr. K D K Duminda- Consultant Physician
MBBS, MD (Medicine-Colombo ), FCCP. Basic Physician training in Australia (BPT) Consultant physician at Asiri Group of Hospitals, Nawaloka, Durdans and Lanka Hospitals.

Dr K D K Duminda is a fellow member of the College of physicians and Sri Lanka Medical association. Special interest in NCD and medical management , Obesity/Weight management, Lifestyle modification and Gastroenterology/Endoscopy.

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Webinar Details

This webinar will take place on:

Friday 29th January 2021 at 7:00 pm

Total Duration:

60 minutes

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