Medicine Delivery

Extreme weather conditions can affect the chemical stability of the medicine and during medicine storage and medicine delivery, changing it’s properties. Over the years, many countries have established standards over delivery of medicine.

The healthcare industry unlike any other retail industry, requires integrity on the mode of delivery. During times of higher demand or challenging times, most would opt in for a low cost, high return method of turn around to get to the medicine or equipment. Outsourcing medicine delivery using bikes with cloth sacks as carrier cases is common.

What happens when medicine is exposed to extreme weather?

Drugs are tested for stability under long-term and accelerated storage conditions. Medicine is at times exposed to high temperature or damp weather during delivery or even storage. This may result in it’s loss of efficacy, resulting in severe consequences to your health.

Standard norm for medicine delivery

  • Medicine should be stored below 30º Celsius or in an air tight container during delivery at all times
  • Any medicine taken out in the sun during delivery will be exposed to at least 35º Celsius degrees in a sunny day
  • Delivery of medicine such as Insulin and injectable drugs vaccines should go between 2 – 8º Celsius
  • Air tight containers used in the delivery of pharmacy products will keep away unnecessary moisture

Motorcycles doing many rounds of during medicine delivery under severe heat or rainy weather may not always be able to ensure these criteria is met. Unexpected delays and detours raise the risks of delivering medicine later than expected. This exposes your medicine to harmful delivery conditions.

What is the solution?

Choosing an online pharmacy that can deliver medicine to your doorstep is indeed convenient, but only a proper air-conditioned vehicle would be able to ensure safe transportation.

It’s important to check if the delivery complies with relevant temperature-controls with a quick turnaround time in order to ensure the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Good health is a result of many correct actions taken over time. Apart from ensuring that your pharmacy delivers medicine in a temperature-controlled vehicle and planning in advance to keep a sufficient stock would also prevent you from making choices that can be harmful to health.


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