Adherence to medicine is very important

Mr. Sudantha Madurapperuma (39) shares his story of courage, love and patience.

I live in Nittambuwa with my wife, child and my parents. We shuffle between Kadawatha on workdays, which is my wife’s maternal home, and Nittambuwa on weekends. Working in the IT industry means I have to handle a great deal of stress. We use a Blood Pressure Monitor and a Blood Sugar Level Monitor to regularly assess our health condition. As we work under a lot of pressure, I believe precaution is necessary.

My father-in-law, aged 70, has high BP. He suffered from a stroke three years ago but recovered from it. According to his medical reports, he doesn’t have diabetes or cholesterol. However, he can’t afford to miss his medicines for stroke or BP. My mother-in-law has diabetes. Therefore, my wife is firm about preparing healthy food devoid of sugar and unhealthy fats. Fortunately, my father-in-law is responsible about his diet and that’s one thing less to worry about.

Either my wife or her brother usually tends to his medicine needs but after the lockdown my wife started looking for a reliable way to get him his medicines to Kadawatha as we’re currently living in Nittambuwa, separate from my in-laws. After the curfew was imposed, my father-in-law had a month’s worth of medicines obtained from the hospital but we were extremely concerned about replenishing it on time.

I took up the responsibility to ensure his medicines were purchased on time during lockdown about a month ago.  I came across and placed an order. Initially, there was a four day waiting period due to the high demand. But one of their staff, Mr. Ravindu contacted me to explain the reason for the delay, which was due to issues over curfew permit. However, he assured me he would sort it out. He kept his promise and delivered the medicines within the next two days.

The second time, I re-ordered medicines for one month. We received it without any hassle so we will definitely continue to order our medicines online through I am satisfied with their service. Procuring medicines for the elders in my family has become easier with’s efficient delivery service.

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